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Asian Ball Joined Doll Links

Link Index

bulletFAQ and Information of ABJD
bulletSupper Dollfie Discussion Groups
bulletSewing Tips
bulletPattern Making and Fitting for Dolls
bulletStep-by-Step Beginning Sewing
bulletSpecial Sewing Techniques
bulletSewing Patterns for ABJD
bulletPattern Reviews
bulletPattern Books
bulletFree Patterns
bulletPattern Companies
bulletLists of BJ Patterns
bulletOn-line Pattern Collections - non-doll

FAQ and Information for ABJD

(Super Dollfie focused currently)

bulletAimee's Den of Angels
bulletVolks Super Dollfie FAQ
bulletThe ultimate resource for finding information about the Volks Supper Dollfies dolls. 
bulletIncludes pictures and customizing details.
bulletLists to other ABJD doll companies
bulletGives you tips on how to get started collecting these little wonders and  major resource lists for anything you'll need.
bullet Volks English site
bulletFound out about their US stores and doll parties.
bullet Karen's Doll Bodies Comparisons
bulletSupper Dollfie's have a very different shape from a regular baby doll or fashion doll.  Check out her pictures to give you an idea of the shapes and sizes.
bulletThis is also great getting a general view of the shape of other ABJD bodies vs. Volks.


Super Dollfie Discussion Groups

bulletDen of Angles discussion forum
bulletThe ultimate place for discussion of the Asian ball joined dolls.  All kinds of links to resources and sale items
bulletYou need to create an account and log in to get to the best sections.
bulletVery high volume... but everything is there.... you've just got to search for it.
bulletOur Silent Friends
bulletA smaller yahoo group, but very friendly community to share your obsession in dolls.
bulletCheck out their links section for good shopping.
bulletOften easier to find links here.  DOA can sometimes be too large.

Sewing Tips

Pattern Making and Fitting for Dolls

Clothing won't look great without a good fit... and good fit start with the right measurements to create the basic sloper for patterns.

bulletDale's Measuring and Fitting Dolls
bulletShe uses a fashion doll as an example, but  the same works with BJ dolls
bulletThe points she brings up about fashion dolls, are just as valid for all the different ABJDs and their slightly different body shapes.
bulletMeasurements charts for various ABJDs
bulletDale's How to enlarge a pattern from regular pattern instruction sheets
bulletEver looked at the instruction sheet and wondered if you could make a pattern from those little sketches?  Dale gives a step by step guide to show you how.
bulletDonald's How to make a simple sloper
bullet(Select the "Demonstration" tab)
bulletThis is simplified, and done for a person, but works if you don't need something tightly fitted.
bulletGet his book for more details.  Techniques can be applied for dolls.  He also teaches pattern design classes that can be used for dolls and well as people.
bulletSusie's Pattern Making for Dolls book
bulletYou can order this book and get sent back the pdf rather quickly.  The steps really work pretty well.  By the time you're done, you'll have your own sloper for your doll. 
bulletRemember all patterns take some tweaking
bulletYou can see a few bits from the class I took <here>
bulletMaking a Muslin Mockup - or how to fit and adjust a pattern
bulletDale's Making a Doll Muslin
bulletTips on how to fit a muslin on a doll for the proper fit.
bulletAlley Cat Scratch's Making a Muslin
bulletThis is a detailed how-to for people... but the same techniques can be sized down for dolls.  Use in conjunction with Dale's tips.
bulletNote, there are a lot of sewing tips on this site from how to alter patterns, to fabric dying to lots of costuming tips.
bullet Sizing up a pattern w/ a copy machine - Den of Angles Forum
bulletDiscussion thread on how much to size down a basic pattern for an SD doll to the MSD or Dollfie sizes.  Also has expanding estimates.
bulletPlease note: when using this method, you want to make a mockup muslin and check the fit before you use your good fabric.

Step by Step Beginning Sewing

Don't know much about sewing... here are a few starting points for your dolls.

bullet Simple Dream Doll - How to make a tube skirt - absolute beginning
bulletNever sewn???  Marcia steps you though everything from supplies to how to create an elastic casting and sew up the seams
bulletTiny Zippers - Making a sun dress and putting in a zipper
bulletThe pattern itself is for Barbie sized dolls, but the info is useful for the larger dolls.
bullet KimonoKlass - Affordable Designs
bulletStep, by detailed step on how to make an traditional kimono for a doll
bulletPapupepo's Construction Steps #1,
bulletThese are in Japanese, but heavily illustrated step-by-step with photos.  Very helpful both for construction and draping the patterns.  (Dolls use are the smaller ABJD, but size up is easy
bulletHow to construct a tiered skirt, ruffle skirt, pleated skirt, how to put on a doll waist band, sew collared shirt, etc.
bulletVarious pattern examples include how to build bits of connection hardware out of paperclips.
bulletIt's worth the time to explore
bulletSee links in the pattern section for even more pattern by Papupepo

Special Sewing Techniques

bulletFrench Hand Sewing by Machine - tips for dolls
bulletA very nice tip page on techniques for insertion lace and edging that can be used with dolls.  Cynthia shows it on miniatures, but it can be adapted up to SDs.
bulletMaking Decorate Frog Closings and Ball Buttons
bulletJust a simple tutorial on how to make a fancy closing for your Chinese style shirts and dresses.
bulletPutting a Zipper in a Doll Dress
bulletTiny Zippers not only shows you how to put in a zipper for your doll, but also sells both regular and metal separating zippers that have been sized for dolls.

Sewing Patterns for ABJD

Pattern Review Websites

bulletKoalajoe's BJD Pattern Review database
bulletNot currently active, we miss it.  If anyone finds something similar... write please.

Pattern Books & Magazines

bulletVolks Official Pattern Books
bulletVolks has a number of pattern books out.  The contain patterns for both the SD and MSD.  All different styles.
bulletPatterns instructions are in Japanese, but check out <here> for translations to some of the patterns.  also lists other translations.
bulletTo buy
bulletFor the best price, try the Volks web's book page.
bulletWhen Volks is out of stock, try e-bay
bulletNote: you are not allowed to use these patterns to make items for sale.
bulletDolly Dolly Magazine
bulletEach magazine features patterns for a number of different dolls.  SD and MSDs patterns are often included.  Check e-bay and Japanese buying services. Google a bit and you'll find out what patterns are in what magazine.
bulletHantDoll Magazine
bulletSome issues have ABJD patterns included.
bulletBJD Magazine for Ball Jointed Dolls
bulletOn-line magazine with easy to follow patterns.  Most adaptable to all size BJD.  Easy sewing tips included.

Free Patterns

bulletDen of Angles Pattern List
bulletNow moved to a blog -
bulletDen of Angels Pattern and Sewing Forum
bullet(requires registration)
bulletThis is where DOA folks discuss sewing issues, patterns, etc for outfits, wigs and jewelry. Absolutely fab tutorials!
bulletSticky threads have ..
bulleta list of basic patterns that folks at DOA have contributed.  These include .txt files with basics on how to put them together, some image files, etc.  Not all have detailed instructions, but with the links above and a bit of sewing knowledge, they're easy.  Some are specifically for hand sewing.
bulletDoll measurements master thread
bulletBasic measurements for a quite number of different ABJD dolls
bulletvarious suggested places to get supplies.
bulletUse their search function to look for back discussions on patterns.
bulletJames's Patterns
bulletA nice set of patterns originally in the DOA sewing forum
bulletSD Shirt, skirt, jeans, hoody, peasant blouse, pea coat, t-shirt and more
bulletMSD jeans, Alice dress
bulletDD Dress
bulletSome instructions, extra discussion in the DOA sewing section
bulletNote: you are allowed to use his patterns to make items for sale
bulletLove Replica's Pattern - (link gone, anyone have a new link for these)
bulletMSD Poet Shirt
bulletMSD Men's Jacket and Vest
bulletMSD Flared Slacks and Bloomers
bulletUndead Threads Patterns
bulletBasic patterns for SD, MSD, SD13 boy, YO SD
bulletShirts, stockings, bloomers, shorts, pajama bottoms, cloaks, kimono, haori
bulletMaerz's Patterns
bulletDOD & MSD patterns.  Some construction instructions.  Save image first, then print.
bullet Outerwear
bulletIncluding hoodie, coats, sweater
bulletmultiple styles including bell bottoms, shorts
bulletsimple and complex styles, including turtle neck, collared,  polo shirt, raglan shirt, nightgown, and more
bulletSee Jan 25, 06 entry
bullet BJD Magazine for Ball Joined Dolls
bulletEasy pattern steps to follow for all size BJD
bulletSimple steps on how to measure your doll to create your own basic pattern.
bulletGood illustrations on sewing steps.
bulletChic dress & shrug, simple sweater, fur-collared coat, 20's hat, stockings.  Look for more w/ new issues.
bulletPapupepo's Pattern Steps
bulletQuickie pattern index - quick bathing suits, panty
bulletQuickie pattern index #2 - basics, no-sews, etc
bulletOK, so steps are in Japanese, but most of the photo steps are wonderfully done.  You can see exactly what you need to do. 
bulletIt's not a pattern so much as instructions on how to drape and measure bits to create your own custom fit bra and lingerie for your doll. Note: doll examples are for smaller BJDs, but easily to convert up.
bulletAlso includes a lot of quick glue on techniques, those these can be converted to sewing easily.
bulletLingerie Pattern index
bullet Doll Bra
bullet String Bra - glue
bulletBasic doll panties
bulletBasic doll stocking
bulletSimple doll bustier - drape & shape
bulletOne piece bathing suits
bulletString Straps
bulletglue method, but easily converted to sewing.  Stitch fabric under to finish.  Zig-zag on cord.
bulletHigh neck, cross over straps
bullet2 piece bathing suits
bullet Sting tie bikini #1 & #2
bulletRing connects
bulletOther Patterns - less photographed, but still easy.
bulletNo-sew T-shirt
bulletBusty Band Top
bulletEasy no-sew shorts - just glue & Velcro
bullet#1, with cuffs
bullet #2, with belt loops
bulletMore advance patterns - You'll have to modify pattern blocks for these, best used for steps except for experienced pattern makers
bulletGeneral pattern index #1 - skirts - pleats and tiers, sweaters, jumpsuit, boots
bulletGeneral pattern index #2 - tops, ruffled skirts, cute Christmas outfits, bustier, trousers
bulletTop of her website for more links
bulletMiscellaneous patterns
bulletWrap pants - Thai fisherman pants
bullethow to make them for any sized doll
bulletAlso see...
bulletour Step-by-step section for basic patterns with sewing instructions.

Pattern Companies

bulletAffordable Designs
bulletDennis has about a dozen patterns for SD and MSD, both Asian and American/European styles.  Includes Kimono and other sets of Japanese garments, Korean Hanbok and Dangui, Sleepwear, Medieval Fantasy,
bulletNote: you are allowed to use his patterns to make items for sale.
bulletMHD Designs
bulletGrowing collection of patterns, artist jackets and dresses, stylish casual, unitard and stockings - multiple length.  Patterns for mini SD,  SD & SD13
bulletThese pattern shave extra design and flair towards the artistic outfit.
bulletPatchwork Pansy
bulletA half dozen patterns of the basic styles.  Sized to also fit like-sized ball jointed dolls.  Lolittie and fun casuals.  Each pack has a complete look. Super Dollfie patterns, Mini-Super Dollfie as well as other BJD sized patterns
bulletCindi's Doll Apparel
bullet Patterns for the SD dolls.  A small selection of party dresses and basic casual.

Lists of BJ Patterns

There are a lot of patterns scattered out among various magazines.  A lot are in Japanese, but some are in American doll magazines as well.  These links are for various collections of these BJ patterns.

bulletMel's BJD Pattern Listing Blog
bulletList magazines and patterns, tagged by doll type and lists even more mags and books to find patterns.
bulletMix of free and pay
bulletDolly Patterns by Koalajoe
bulletThis database lists patterns in Japanese magazines.  Includes pictures.  Allows reviews and ratings.

On line Pattern Collections

These are either for full size people, historical patterns, or grid diagrams.  These are not meant for dolls so you may have to simplify some of them.  They're for intermediate and advance sewers.  Not all have instructions.  However, they're invaluable when you need to know the basic shape of a garment's pattern to get a more accurate look.

Use our links above for tips on sizing patterns, making muslins, etc to help you out.

bulletTudor Links Treasury of Patterns - Authentic Victorian and Edwardian Patterns
bulletWomen, men, children
bulletDresses, skirts, outerwear, underwear, etc
bulletInstructions Included
bulletMax Tilke - "Oriental Costume: Their Design and Colors"
bulletScans of the entire classic book.
bulletDrawings cover middle east, far east including Japan & China, Russia, Greek.  Historical and folk.
bulletFantastic sketches of the outfits laid out flat to show the shapes.
bulletMolendix - Movie costumes and more
bulletPatterns are mainly for 12" and 16" doll.  However, the pieces are beautifully and accurately shaped. Use the tips above on resizing and enlarging that are listed above to resize for your ABJD.
bulletPatterns included are from the Lord of the Rings series, Star Wars, Pirates, Ever After, and more.  To see the dresses made, check out her gallery.  There materials and a few tips are listed.
bulletRecommend for intermediate and advance as these are just the pattern pieces, done Burda style (all traced over each other).  No seam allowances or facings.

More links coming later.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for more links

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